Me in 10 seconds

My name is Sam Doebler. I am a follower of Christ who makes games, runs them online for kiddos, and plays the drums. INTJ. 1w9.

I dream. I slay dragons. I meditate a lot.

The NSR server is my home on Discord.

What do I write about?

Running tabletop adventure games! My niche is running them for youngsters. Oddly, my top posts are about death, deathlessness, and violence in games for kids. I’m known for talking about stopwatch duels, open table games, diegetic advancement, helmets, trait drafts, scene-based adventures, and open strategy games. I think there’s a better way to do advantage and that perception and knowledge rolls smell bad.

I consider myself part of the NSR, OSR, and FKR movements. Whatever focuses on the world, exploration, and problem solving more than hit dice, spell slots, and levels.

There are RPG bloggers that I read as well. The blogroll on the bottom-right is randomized, so just click one and see how deep that particular rabbit hole goes.

Check the tags on the right side of this page for whatever grabs your interest by topic. Click “Browse all posts” at the top of the page to being trekking through everything I’ve written. Or scroll down more to view posts by month and year. And here are my most recent articles:

Scars in Bastionland and Cairn

When an attack reduces a PC’s HP to exactly 0, they are uniquely impacted. Look up the result on the table below based on the total damage taken… Scars don’t happen that often in Electric Bastionland or Cairn. Combat doesn’t happen that often in these games too. If you want taking damage to be more…

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Nim Style

The vast majority of actions require a quick judgement call to resolve. Players who leverage their environment, use their items and common sense, and clearly declare their actions often receive success. The consequences of any described actions follow accordingly. If an action described by a player is uncertain, the GM may call for a roll.…

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The Hangover Bastionland

You wake with a pounding headache. You have little money. It must’ve been a crazy night. If only you could remember… You are now 10k pounds in debt somehow. You and your buddies have some financial ground to make up. Oh, but that’s not all. You stuck your fingers in a few pies of other…

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My favorite adventure games?

Electric Bastionland, Maze Rats, and Cairn. And yes, those games are all just Into the Odd. I run Adventure Hour! the most often (which, spoilers, is watered-down Into the Odd). Every once in a while, I dabble with Blades in the Dark and Follow.

What am I doing now?

I live in Phoenix, AZ with family. I teach online at Outschool. I play worship music at my church and read lots of Soren Kierkegaard and Derek Sivers. SEATBELTS and AJR are the soundtracks for my life. I’m watching Community for the first time.

I recently released Adventure Hour!

I’m wringing my hands together like a villain and planning my next moves for my career and passion.

Updated Dec 24, 2021.

Contact me?

I read everything you send me. Here’s where you can reach me in long-form. Come chat on the NSR Discord too.

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Happy adventuring!