Open Strategy Games – Guiding Principles

Chris McDowall has talked about matrix games, making his own space-y version. I've talked about them and made my own based on a novel series I enjoyed when I was even younger. Chris and I talked about dubbing them "open strategy games" to avoid confusion about that 1999 movie and explaining what a matrix actually … Continue reading Open Strategy Games – Guiding Principles

Middle-Earth Adventures: Alt. Character Generation

Despite having... Middle-Earth Role-PlayingTolkien QuestMiddle-Earth QuestThe Lord of the Rings Roleplaying GameThe One Ring Roleplaying GameAdventures in Middle-Earth ...I still prefer the less weight-y games. That said, all of the above games contain interesting and inspirational content within. Anyway, this alternate character creation system for Middle-Earth Adventures smashes The One Ring (first edition) and Adventures … Continue reading Middle-Earth Adventures: Alt. Character Generation