Ask the Dragonslayer #2: Example Single Sheet Adventure

Let's get to it! I love maze rats as a concept for intro/quicker type gameplay! I have a sixth-grader and some other noobs that I would love to introduce to the game, but I don't know what to do for the dungeon(size, #creatures, strength, features, etc). Is it possible to get some info/stats on the … Continue reading Ask the Dragonslayer #2: Example Single Sheet Adventure

Maze Rats: Special Attack Redux

"The moon turns your mind to mush. It's an attack on your sanity. Better plan carefully." [The Game Master's] primary duties include: playing the roles of all of the NPCs, creating and running the fictional world. establishing concrete situations for the players to interact with, adapting to the unpredictable choices of the players, making on … Continue reading Maze Rats: Special Attack Redux