Imagine a world…

Drizzling black rain, sizzling neon signs.

Dark corporations, stark poverty.

Massive skyscrapers, passive onlookers.

Midnight gangs, mid-fight scrappers.

Enter the cowboy.

A man out of time with too many dime-back novels in his head.

Rides a horse alongside motorcycles.

Colt versus machine gun.

Upholds justice in a time of plutocracy.

“This fool is crazy. Dragged one of my own guys through the street with a rope tied to his animal.”

“He smells bad too.”

“I want him dead.”

“What a punk.”

“Yeah… cowpunk.”

This comes courtesy of the Don Quixote graphic novel and a certain episode of Love, Death + Robots.

2 thoughts on “Cowpunk

  1. No joke I actually just started reading Don Quixote last weekend lol. This graphic novel seems cool too though! And that screenshot in this post is from Cowboy Bebop, right?

    What per se differentiates this from cyberpunk with a slightly different coat of paint? Or alternatively, is it more like steampunk with a slight cyberpunk coat of paint?

    To my mind, although I am definitely not well-read enough to advocate this point too strongly, I think the two are somewhat at odds so that contrast could be interesting in itself. If it’s anything -punk there should be some element of subversiveness to it imo, but to my mind, Steampunk is more so a critique of the early-Industrial Era through the Gilded Age, or in other words, early-stage Capitalism, whereas Cyberpunk is more so a critique of late-stage Capitalism.

    Not unlike where elements of Prequel-era Star Wars have since filtered into Original Trilogy-era Star Wars, that juxtaposition can be interesting, I’m just wondering if or to what extent that’s what you’re thinking, or something else entirely?

    1. Classic human-only cyberpunk. Drugged, nihilistic, directionless, machines overtake all world. “This is the way things are.”

      Drop one cowboy in there. Unrelenting sense of justice. “Not in my town.”

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