Plutocracy –


  1. government by the wealthy.
  2. government by wealth.

I moved down to Arizona. Milwaukee to Phoenix took 28 hours. I had a long time to think while on the drive. 🙂

While driving, I saw a sign very much like this one:

“Construction – Traffic Fines Double in Work Zones”

The idea is simple: you break the law by speeding, you pay a fine.

The fine increases in certain areas.

So, if you violate the rules, you pay penance with money.

And modifiers can be applied to that forgiveness bought with dollars.

Expand this further: crime = $$$

Enter this nifty little Cyberpunk-y idea:

What if all crimes were paid back with a fine?

What if a person commits theft, arson, murder and then pays the dollar amount for the damages?

The wealthy elite get away with whatever they feel like, even committing crimes in the open, knowing they can pay for the damages.

Corporations insure hired assassins up to a certain amount to make their life of killing financially feasible.

CEOs hire assassins to kill other assassins and pay for the collateral charges likely to be incurred.

Certainly a twist on the term “criminal charge.”

You must pay all charges before entering a government building. Or government-affiliated companies.

Jaywalked? $1.

Hijacked a car? The value of the car, plus the inconvenience to the owner.

Cut in line? $2.

Hacked a system? The cost of the software you demolished.

Blew up a warehouse? The value of the warehouse and contents within.

Stole $1000? $1000.

Murder? Depends on the VALUE OF THE PERSON.

Which brings up a point: WHO DECIDES THE VALUE OF A CRIME?

The government probably. In the case of minor/cut-and-dry crimes, it’s easy. Other times? A judge or jury.

If the setting is hyper-futuristic and ultra-efficient, this could be a really fast process. Some people or a computer does a calculation and your amount due is made known within minutes or hours.

Other times, maybe it takes weeks.

Maybe other companies get involved.

Maybe you could be charged more than you can afford.

Which brings up another point: WHAT IF YOU CAN’T PAY?

Indentured servitude. The person/company against whom the crime was committed OWNS YOU.

Hades being Hades

The government, of course, decides your yearly wage based on your trainings, skills, motivation and adjusts it all for inflation.

For your convenience.

Any further crimes committed are either charged to your account or your criminal handler, depending on the deal you have worked out with them. You know, how much their willing to let you get your hands dirty in the name of the family, company, government, etc.

The Game

I’m thinking Electric Bastionland or Into the Odd in terms of system.

Players would start in debt having just committed a crime. Reason to take jobs.

Or start them in the middle of a heist/assassination and about to accumulate HUGE charges.

Violence and theft and other crimes are charged to the group or individual’s debt count.

Pay off the debt, start your own company.

Leverage Norbert’s Corporate Warfare, obviously.

Right after the equipment list would be a MASSIVE list of Criminal Charges, then listing amounts, modifiers, and multipliers.

Mula mercy, folks.

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