“Belly of the Fishy Beast” gets a makeover

It must be Christmas here in the Dragonslayer Domain.

Last post, I made a digital copy of an example dungeon I made using Maze Rats. Quick and easy…

And sloppy.

The dungeon went from this:

To this

And now, by the graces of @Licopeo on the Questing Beast Discord server, this:

Here is a link to the full, glorious image.

Now, this isn’t to say that your dungeon needs to look like this. Heck, I had nothing to do with how great it looks. I mean, look at all the detail!

Sorry. Distracted.

It looks awesome and super inviting! But that sheet at the top, that crumbled garbage, is all you need.

If the fully-illustrated version helps you see what I was going for, more power to you.

Don’t let all the polished bits distract…

But that rendition of Stomach City looks phenomen…

GAH! Focus!

Make more adventures! Make some mistakes! Launch your creations in the nether-reaches of digital space!

Sidenote: I was also asked: “where are the stats for the leathery bat-wing creatures? My answer? Fill in the gaps yourself. Compare the numbers between the other monsters and see what you can conjure. Or don’t even bother unless you need them. I’ve made up most stats for Maze Rats monsters on the fly…

Psh, I didn’t forget. That would be a mistake. A bold mistake.

To dare is human.

Now, get a move on, you fish-munching scallywag!

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