Pokemon Adventures!

It’s summer so I get to write more! Here’s the link for the game, you hungry hippo. If nothing else, read the Naming Ceremony at the end. It seriously makes giggle every time and nails the lighthearted tone I was going for.

This is a rough draft of a beer-and-pretzels Pokemon RPG based on Savage Worlds (which I just learned has a new edition, whoops), Ryuutama, Cortex Plus. It has a focus on contests between Pokemon, not necessarily battles, and journeys that trainers go on. It mixes elements of the anime, card game, manga, and video games (in that order as far as weight of influence on the design). *I* only use the first four generations of Pokemon, but that’s only because I dropped out during Diamond and Pearl. That might rub some people the wrong way to not use all 1000+ Pokemon…

The way it handles type advantage is also going to make some people upset… It uses the types from the card game instead of from the video game (minus Fairy and Dragon) to make things easier. Folks, I came from the simpler time of the 90s. Every Pokemon has already been paired to one of these nine types thanks to the TCG. Why make it any harder? Beer and pretzels, beer and pretzels…

My first exposure to Pokemon after the TCG
  • Normal has advantage against no one.
  • Psychic has advantage against other psychics.
  • Fire, Water, and Grass still have the same rock, paper, scissors going on.
  • Dark, Fighting, Electric, and Steel have a circle of predator/prey going on: Dark > Fighting > Electric > Steel > Dark. My reasoning looks like this:
    • Dark Pokemon use underhanded methods to beat Fighting in a straight combat.
    • Fighting/Rock absorbs Electricity/Lightning.
    • Steel is a conductor for Electric types.
    • And when the forces of Darkness and demons arrive, you use Steel/Iron/Swords to eliminate them.

All types (besides Normal) get advantage against one other type. And there’s only nine types. Done and done.

Other notes: No one is JUST a trainer. It’s always trainer and something else. I also really love the Drive section of the Character Details table. Something about becoming a trainer at the ripe age of 72 because of Bad Luck or for Revenge is interesting to me…

In future, I’m hoping to add Journey rules, like in Ryuutama and Adventures in Middle-Earth. Gotta have rules for wild Pokemon and wild Trainers. Plus in the anime, there are many obstacles and NPCs they encounter on the road. There is also going to be random tables for events and trouble in the town. Every town in Pokemon has SOME gimmick…

Go catch ’em all or whatever…

3 thoughts on “Pokemon Adventures!

  1. Love it! Can’t believe I didn’t find this one earlier, as I went through a phase of “gotta catch em all” with regard to Pokemon TTRPGs last year.

    Used to run a PTU game but looking for a simpler life with less crunch. Besides I’m starting from scratch with all fakemon, homebrewed type system and a whole new world essentially, so don’t need the attempted video game simulation of PTU.

    Erratum: in the text, Dark has advantage over Fighting, but the list of 9 types does not include Fighting, so I’d add them in too for 10 types.

    Suggestion: I’d add disadvantage going the other way and let the defending roll (e.g. the Water guy facing the Fire move) have the extra d8 in those cases.

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