Union: Electric Bastionland + Neverland

Play with me in this space... Would this be Electric NeverBastionland? Or Electric BastionNeverland? I'm in love with Neverland. I love the Disney cartoon, Hook (the Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Dante Basco one), Peter and the Starcatchers, and the original writings. My English teacher had me read the original in middle-school. Here's a Questing Beast … Continue reading Union: Electric Bastionland + Neverland

Union: Veins of the Earth + Mausritter = Hollow Knight

I consume a lot of media. I've also been trained by my liberal arts education (whoopee) to connect things and cross-pollenate them to make them awesome. It's a bad habit.  Anyways, I've already connected games like Maze Rats and Hot Springs Island with an integrated ruleset, so doing this for other modules and rulesets is … Continue reading Union: Veins of the Earth + Mausritter = Hollow Knight