Middle-Earth Adventures: Alt. Character Generation

Despite having... Middle-Earth Role-PlayingTolkien QuestMiddle-Earth QuestThe Lord of the Rings Roleplaying GameThe One Ring Roleplaying GameAdventures in Middle-Earth ...I still prefer the less weight-y games. That said, all of the above games contain interesting and inspirational content within. Anyway, this alternate character creation system for Middle-Earth Adventures smashes The One Ring (first edition) and Adventures … Continue reading Middle-Earth Adventures: Alt. Character Generation

The Darkening of Mirkwood (A Landshut Hack)

It's not Mirkwood, but still LotR. Great fight. Classic scene. Thank you, A. Shipwright. EDIT: This is no longer the most recent version of the game! Continue reading for thoughts on Arnesonian gaming and LotR RPGs, but the rules here are no longer current. Click here to skip the character dialogue of a silly NPC … Continue reading The Darkening of Mirkwood (A Landshut Hack)