Dragonslayer Adventures: Character Primer

Min Is it pronounced "PRIME-r" or "PRIM-er"? Fight! Chris has been talking about Young Adventurer's Guide (my review here), which has me thinking of it again. Question: How should players, especially younger players, go about making a character in Dragonslayer Adventures? (Ahem, rules here btw). Because the process for 5e players usually involves selecting one … Continue reading Dragonslayer Adventures: Character Primer

Dragonslayer Adventures: Hits and Healing

He's looking for a fight... Dragonslayer Adventures is an RPG for online play geared towards fantasy. The focus has been rather item focused with it's character packages and optional inventory system (though if I use it in every game now, I guess it's not that optional for me...). I've made some changes. It's a living … Continue reading Dragonslayer Adventures: Hits and Healing

Dragonslayer Adventures – Starting Packages

While still keeping the tone light, I'm moving my online games with youngers more towards "traditional DND." So, keeping my copies of The Young Adventurer's Guide, Maze Rats, Electric Bastionland, Mausritter, Dolmenwood, and Warhammer Fantasy near at hand, I made starting packages that align closer with the Dungeons and Dragons as some of us know … Continue reading Dragonslayer Adventures – Starting Packages