Dragonslayer Adventures: Character Primer

Min Is it pronounced "PRIME-r" or "PRIM-er"? Fight! Chris has been talking about Young Adventurer's Guide (my review here), which has me thinking of it again. Question: How should players, especially younger players, go about making a character in Dragonslayer Adventures? (Ahem, rules here btw). Because the process for 5e players usually involves selecting one … Continue reading Dragonslayer Adventures: Character Primer

Playing with Youngers: Do RPGs teach you anything?

Art is a self-taught, self-sought endeavor for me as of late. Hope you enjoy. 🙂 When I run fantasy role-playing games for kids on Outschool, I always label the classes as "Life Skills." Frankly, it doesn't really count as any of the other tags like "Social Studies" or "English" or "Math" even though RPGs contain … Continue reading Playing with Youngers: Do RPGs teach you anything?

Dragonslayer Adventures: Hits and Healing

He's looking for a fight... Dragonslayer Adventures is an RPG for online play geared towards fantasy. The focus has been rather item focused with it's character packages and optional inventory system (though if I use it in every game now, I guess it's not that optional for me...). I've made some changes. It's a living … Continue reading Dragonslayer Adventures: Hits and Healing

How are you tied to Mr. Maloney of Maloney Enterprises?

Connected to the open table game for Electric Bastionland I wrote up a while ago. Basically, pool of players shares £100k of debt, split between four factions, valued at 40k, 30k, 20k, and 10k. I made a table for how people are connected to the Maloney in question, the one who gives the party the … Continue reading How are you tied to Mr. Maloney of Maloney Enterprises?