Settlers of Catan: Peaceful (Speedy) Mode

This is a great one for a lazy Sunday afternoon. But first, is it "CAH-TAN" or "CAH-TAWN?" Play vanilla, no-expansions Settlers of Catan. But, Re-roll all 7s. Do not use the robber. Do not discard down if over 7 cards when a 7 is rolled (and then re-rolled).Knights/Soldiers --> "Gain 1 resource card of your … Continue reading Settlers of Catan: Peaceful (Speedy) Mode

Race Car: Beyond Palindrome

RUMBLEEE This is a game I remember seeing ideas for on Board Game Geek yeaaaaaars ago. Lost to time... It's a beer-and-pretzels dexterity game fueled by Hot Wheels. Here are the rules. You need A surface.3-8 players.One Hot Wheels car per player.One color six-sided "Health die" per player.Two six-sided dice for the group.3-8 fun-shaped household … Continue reading Race Car: Beyond Palindrome