Current setup and recent findings (2022)

Shipwright I'm running everything at the table out of a 1" binder with pockets. Here's what's inside: Front pocket Adventure Hour!Maze Rats20-some index cardsTiny 2d6 in a bagAdventure World one page rules and character packages (we've been marking off character packages so every character is unique).Bastionland name list (alphabetical and by failed career)Dungeon World GM … Continue reading Current setup and recent findings (2022)

Playing with Youngers: Pets

From Adventure Hour!: To use animals as loyal pets, make them friendly, smart, or powerful, but not all three. Let's give some meat to these words: Friendly Likes owner, likes strangers, empathetic.Opposite: Jerk, doesn’t care, needs to be motivated Smart Independent, adaptable, courageousOpposite: Clumsy, afraid, needs to be told what to do Powerful Skilled, effective, … Continue reading Playing with Youngers: Pets

Focus on the World: The players are tourists

In this article, the Angry GM answers questions from folks. This question stuck out to me and it's something I've been thinking about for my own games: I like published settings with rich, detailed histories. Like Eberron. But my players won’t read the sourcebooks. Consequently, they don’t really understand the setting. How do I handle my … Continue reading Focus on the World: The players are tourists