Support the Slaying of Dragons

Hello. The project of writing and designing content for this site started as a hobby.

But maybe you appreciate the content on the blog enough to want to support me directly or indirectly.

That’s pretty awesome.

There’s a couple ways.

If you know of younger players who would be down to play in an RPG…

Jump on over to Outschool and sign them up for a class! Could be your kid, a neighbor’s kid, a niece or nephew, or any kid that you know would get a kick out of this.

Are there no classes for the age range or time slot that you’re looking for? Contact me!

Who could resist such a ridiculous face?!

If you specifically enjoy the games I make…

Head over to my page. Nearly all of the products there are “pay what you want” of which I receive a decent cut.

From “Bone”

If none of these options satiate your unbridled generosity…

$1 for a game maker guy

This is you showing continued support for my making posts, responding to questions, drawing, and more. Thanks, you kind soul. 🙂


If… Wait… That should be everyone… Why are you still here?

Just send me a message, o great person of highly specific needs!