Maze Rats has a fun way for making monsters. You start by rolling a monster base; aerial, terrestrial, aquatic, etc. You can roll a second base if you choose to start combining the results. Then roll things like features, traits, abilities, tactics, personalities, weaknesses to taste. All awesome things. "But I'm lazy. I want a … Continue reading Poke-Monsters

How are you tied to Mr. Maloney of Maloney Enterprises?

Connected to the open table game for Electric Bastionland I wrote up a while ago. Basically, pool of players shares £100k of debt, split between four factions, valued at 40k, 30k, 20k, and 10k. I made a table for how people are connected to the Maloney in question, the one who gives the party the … Continue reading How are you tied to Mr. Maloney of Maloney Enterprises?

Dragonslayer Adventures – Starting Packages

While still keeping the tone light, I'm moving my online games with youngers more towards "traditional DND." So, keeping my copies of The Young Adventurer's Guide, Maze Rats, Electric Bastionland, Mausritter, Dolmenwood, and Warhammer Fantasy near at hand, I made starting packages that align closer with the Dungeons and Dragons as some of us know … Continue reading Dragonslayer Adventures – Starting Packages