Dungeon – Reiner Shack

Here is a #dungeon23 dungeon that uses a 3×3 dungeon layout and Odd Notation. Enjoy!

Here is the idea list, which doubles as the encounter table:

  1. Toadkin
  2. Vines
  3. Water
  4. Hornets
  5. Honey
  6. Thorn matron

This map is a cross-section of a shack. Players start at room 7.

1) (Unused)

2) (Unused)

3) Roof

Hornet nest over the door. See Tar Hornets.

Unicorn weathervane.

Two toadkins holding down a third toadkin who stole fistful of honey. Aggressive, hot-blooded.

4) Latrine 

Bathtub filled with mud, saplings, fresh tomatoes. 

Mirror, broken (missing large shard)

Toilet, young toadkin within wielding mirror shard. 

5) Heart of the Shack

Thorn matron, peaceful rest, suspended near ceiling with vines, swaying creaks the whole shack. Will talk sleepily, not caring for much. Provoked if rest is disturbed. 

6) Landing

Tight rickety stairs up to area 3 (rooftop). 

Empty picture frames on the stairs, broken glass. 

7) Porch

overgrown with vines

dead half dozen hornets, wings pulled off and stingers removed.

twin rocking chairs (inscription: “R + L”)

water pail filled with growth potion (drinker grows a foot taller but must drink liquids often or else revert to original size and suffer dried skin). 

Broken doorframe leads to area 8. 

8) Living Room

Creaking above (area 5), wind whistles through wooden slatted walls.

Cast iron stove with precious stone among the ashes, burned pictures.

Injured toadkin with sliced leg, sucking on a broken vine. Speaks in garble, roll reaction.

Open area to area 9, stairwell.

9) Stairwell 

Vines entangling. Slowly snares the leg of intruders but no defenses. 

Stairwell up to area 6 (second floor). 


Tar hornet
V. Weak, no STR, high DEX, no WIL, hallucinogen stinger
-tiny, most weapon attacks against it are Impaired

Bulbous-eyed toadkin
High DEX, longknife
-slow attack: crouch, then leap on target.
-twisted tongue: sticks to target’s held item a short distance away.
-toxic skin: grapple for more than one turn deals enhanced damage.
-center vision blindspot, continuous choking sound from throat, desires sweets.

Yyevellyn, Thorn Matron
Tough, high WIL, bristlestaff
Actions (two each turn):
-Sickly sweet sleeping powder
-Grasping, tripping thorns
-Cause flowers and spores to grow from a target’s skin
-Warp wood into weapon or armor

One thought on “Dungeon – Reiner Shack

  1. Of the four dungeons I came up with in January, this is the one I felt the most presentable. And with that, I’m cashing out of #dungeon23. Getting married this year is my priority, not keeping this (admittedly enjoyable) habit.

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