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Sean McCoy (of Mothership fame and more) is doing a thing, as is Luke Gearing (also Mothership and more). The thing is this:

A dungeon room a day for all of 2023.

I dig it. I can do anything for a month, so I’ll give it a try for January and re-evaluate after 31 rooms.

A life change coming with the new year, so I feel as though it will be a great time for a new habit in a new environment.

Alright, on with the constraints! Because who said I would do it like everyone else hehe.

The Dungeon

Just one dungeon with all those rooms? But I like 7±2 rooms per dungeon (or floor I suppose).

And it would be fun to have something bite-sized/session-sized to drop on a hex map like Zelda-style shrines or some of Elden Ring’s smaller dungeons.

And I need to put my muscle where my mouth is, so:

From Skorne

This is the layout for all dungeons I’ll be making for this. Just like the classic board game Heroquest, same board every time. But the paths between areas might have different rules. Maybe not all rooms are in play (9 is the most with 7±2, after all). Maybe the entrance, room 0, is connected to rooms 1 and 2. Or all outside rooms. I get a chance to dork with the rules and make them work, trying to keep it fresh.

Creative Tools

More muscle where my mouth is. For tables, I’ll be using:
-Maze Rats
-Adventure Hour!

Another piece I’m experimenting with is random table structure. For right now, three active elements, three passive elements. Roll 2d6 for each room, combine the elements.

1. Kobold slinger
2. Fire salamander
3. Delver
4. Contraption/broken
5. Nest/deposit
6. Tools

Looks a bit like Three Step Dungeons if ordered a certain way… Hm.

Creation Tools

As WordPress just demonstrated to me, it can’t be trusted. So now I’m typing away on Google Keep. For making these, I don’t want to worry about dungeon layout (as stated above) or writing layout.

One problem: the same 9 squares and some words isn’t going to cut it for freshness. Needs some art. So I’m gonna get better at AI art via Midjourney. Use it as inspiration for monsters, treasure, and atmosphere. Something about the AI generation is very unnerving, especially for monsters.


Setting-wise, going for EDO fantasy, splash in some medieval fairy tale. Something that fits in Dolmenwood, Deep Country, Elden Ring.

Rules-wise, compatible with Into the Odd, Cairn, Electric Bastionland, Mythic Bastionland, Skorne, Adventure Hour! Looking into one-line statlines where average is assumed, like so:

  • Hexpaper Witch: low STR, vhigh WIL, low HP, azurelight orb (ranged damage)
    • skin of spell scrolls, vulnerable to fire, cackle-shriek (save vs fear)
  • Brenden Squire: high DEX, plate mail (heavy armor), greataxe (heavy damage)
    • charges from cover, weak but clever hound companion
  • Roothair Treant: vhigh STR, vlow DEX, high HP, bark (armor), knobbled fist (heavy damage)
    • blind, prefers tendril-trip and bash targets, instantly fascinated with hairiest adventurer

Making the Making Habit

As Atomic Habits advises:

  • Make it obvious: Sunday is planning, week is execution, Saturday is posting. I have a couple other ways to integrate this into a regular schedule.
  • Make it attractive: honestly the AI art will help with freshness
  • Make it easy: few barriers to get it up and posting online. Same dungeon layout removes that obstacle.
  • Make it satisfying: posting more is an attractive aspect, as is seeing the reception from you folks and seeing other ideas posted. Perhaps a few audience participation elements should be in order?

Finished Product

One month of dungeons yields four dungeons. Six months means a good deal more. A year means FIFTY TWO. Addition is wild.

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