Four Recent Dungeoneering Amazon Purchases

Gaming can be enhanced by physical products. We all know this even before we’ve backed our 60th kickstarter. Here are a couple smaller grabs on Amazon I’ve found flavorful recently:

1. Cairn

I play Cairn. Did plenty of it last December and gifted copies to over twenty folks. I’ve also cannibalized the character sheet by Licopeo for my own Adventure Hour! / Adventure World purposes.

Cairn does a wonderful job pairing with Dolmenwood products, Beyond the Wall, fairy tale monsters, and Into the Wyrd and Wild.

2. White Box – Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game

White Box is wonderful as a resource. It’s the MOST D&D version of D&D for the lowest price.

Roots of the hobby in one easy booklet with a good amount of tools within.

3. The Dungeon Dozen

Ben Milton reviewed this recently, thought it was worth the pick-up, even though $20 is a bit much for an Amazon POD product.

How do you READ a book of tables? Doesn’t it just sit on the shelf until you use it? Perhaps. I took the approach of reading through each table by noting the title and then scanning the first, fifth, seventh, and twelfth entries, just to get an idea of what they’re going for. Some entries were inspiring, some goofy, some unusable but made me chuckle, and some were campaign-altering.

There seems to be an obsession with slugs and snails going about in these books…

4. Dungeon Maps for the Game Master

…is a workbook of one-page dungeons with anywhere from four to twenty rooms. Each spread has a dungeon map on the right side and dot paper on the left for keying, stock, and making notes. The dungeons themselves are small enough to be filled in one sitting. Theme them, stock them, string them together for a multi-level dungeon. If making dungeons is a skill (totally is) this is a workbook of practice to make you better.

I will say my first dungeon back into the creation game was weak-sauce. The second was much better.

Grab Maze Rats or Perilous Wilds or Tome of Adventure Design and dig in.

One thought on “Four Recent Dungeoneering Amazon Purchases

  1. That workbook looks proper excellent! I often find I need something external to give me interesting mapping features and this might just do the trick.

    I got a copy of FMAG recently from a friend and I agree at just how good it is at being the most dnd in the least word

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