Skorne Character Record Sheet

“Renegade Edgelord” is my vanity license plate.

Skorne, upon both release and remaster, did not include a character sheet. Something it shares in common with other ultralight/FKR games.

That has changed.

From the itch page:


  • Helper text below each section to minimize book flipping while creating a new Renegade.
  • HIT COUNTER on the right border, to use a paperclip as a marker and avoid writing and erasing.
  • markers/slots for both light and heavy armor, and a shield. Placed conveniently so you can use them as extra hits OR as damage reduction, depending on your personal taste.
  • HUGE PERSONALITY to show your FKR-loving friends that sometimes character sheets are cooler than a blank piece of paper.

That last point (with emphasis mine) is a good thing to remember. 🙂

Find these excellent character sheets from TaTooKa here.

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