Until Your Last Dying Breath

Shipwright. Title is a Sabaton reference.

For Adventure Hour!, Adventure World, Skorne, and other systems with fewer dice:

When you’re Taken Out of the action or at zero hits, make a death save. Roll 2d6, minus one for every time you’ve rolled a death save up to now:

  • On 10+ you rally with heroic effort and immediately take action!
  • On a 7-9 you are downed and receive a scar, transformation, or power (GM’s choice).
  • On 6- you are mortally wounded, take one last epic action before you die.

Modelled after Dungeon World’s Last Breath move, Electric Bastionland’s scars, and Darkest Dungeon’s Afflicted/Virtuous system.

Because 2d6 is the best number and type of dice to use.

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