Appendix N – d666 Media Influences

A. Shipwright

TetraLlama asked “Could you share your d366 list of movies? What are your top 5 that you get the most inspiration and use out of?”

Well, I hadn’t typed that list up… BEFORE NOW.

Here is my table of media influences.

So, it’s not just movies, but shows and books and what have you, getting the total up to 216 instead of 100. It’s a list of things I’ve consumed with strong personality and plot as RPG brain fuel for anachronistic all-in-one settings.

A lot of Disney (strong character concepts), a lot of NOT Disney, some anime, comics, broader setting concepts. Stuff like that.

You will not jive with 100% of the entries, guaranteed. Some of the titles are incomplete too, which won’t help if you don’t get the reference. But, if it helps you think about what inspires you, then I will have done my job.

Play worlds, not rules. Spend time on “not games” to fuel your game world.

That which floats the surface from your experience is what inspires you. It’ll come out in your games no matter what.

As for the top five? Couldn’t tell you, they all pull me in different directions.

Roll d6 for which element you’re grabbing from the influence:

  1. Protagonist
  2. Antagonist
  3. Side Character
  4. Item/MacGuffin
  5. Event
  6. Place

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