Mausritter Procedure House Rules

Got the Mausritter boxed set from Games Omnivorous. It was so good I ordered the adventure boxed set too.

Reading some of Chris McDowall’s Mythic/Primeval Bastionland playtest inspired a greater reliance on hexcrawling and procedural systems (something none of us can keep our mouths shut about around here it seems).

Anyway, here are some changes I made to the game (which is how you know I actually like it):

End of Session

Instead of pips –> XP. At the end of session, ask:

  • Did we emerge from an adventure site with treasure?
  • Did we overcome our enemies?
  • Did we share a meal with new friends?
  • Did we learn something new and interesting about the world?
  • Did we work together as a team?

For each “yes” everyone gains 1 XP.

LevelXPHPGritAttributesWorthy of…
101d603d6 for each.NOTHING
221d61Roll d20 for each stat. If higher, add 1 to the max.Knighthood
362d61Roll d20 for each stat. If higher, add 1 to the max.Leading a warband
4122d62Roll d20 for each stat. If higher, add 1 to the max.A holding
5203d62Roll d20 for each stat. If higher, add 1 to the max.Leading an army
6303d63Roll d20 for each stat. If higher, add 1 to the max.A seat of power
7424d63Roll d20 for each stat. If higher, add 1 to the max.Legend
Maze Rats, Mausritter, and Primeval Bastionland mixed together.

Then agree as a group what POI y’all are moving towards next. Magically, the world will develop in that direction! 😛

Wandering Monsters

2d6What are they?What are they doing?
2Faerie/ElectronicReturning to lair after a fight
3Owl/HawkFighting (roll another encounter)
4Snake/BadgerReturning to lair with treasure
5Spider/ScorpionReturning to lair with prisoner
6Crow/RabbitPassing through
7MouseDefending territory
9Frog/SalamanderChasing (weaker encounter)
10Centipede/BeetleFleeing (nastier encounter)
11Cat/DogBuilding lair/busy
12Ghost/UndeadTired/drunk (surprise!)

Encounter Details

d6Encounter?When?Number appearing?
1YESAs you enter the hexSolo
2Hint of oneAs you enter the hexSolo
3Hint of oneWhile exploring the hexDuo/trio
4ClearWhile exploring the hexDuo/trio
5ClearRight before leaving the hexGroup
6ClearRight before leaving the hexGroup

Use the weather table in the book. It’s good. 🙂

Intelligent NPC Reaction Table

d6ReactionBecause of…

Random tip

For a game with animals, it’s fun to use the sentence prompt “This NPC is voiced by…” Examples:

  • This weasel character is voiced by Steve Buscemi, slippery and slick.
  • This gormond mouse cult leader is voiced by John Goodman in the style of Foghorn Leghorn.
  • The badger brothers are voiced by rave club bouncers straight from the street.
  • The alley cat sounds like he’s voiced by a B-list BBC cockney accented actor.



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