In the Hall of the Third Blue Wizard Kickstarter!

Here’s the link!

From the blurb: A brand new ‘zine featuring cutting edge, curated content for old school role playing games, plus great art and fantasy fiction.

This comes from David McGrogan of Noisms Games and the Monsters and Manuals blog. Noisms Games makes innovative, interesting and imaginative material for role playing games, and is the publisher of Yoon-Suin, The Peridot, Orbis Immobilis: The Fixed World, and others. It’s their first project on Kickstarter and it’s already funded!

Entries include:

  • The Well at the World’s End, by Roger Giner-Sorolla
  • Offspring of the Siphoned Demon, by Ben Gibson
  • The Cerulean Valley, by George Seibold
  • Moonrhythm Mire, by Dave Greggs
  • Winter in Bugtown, by J. Colussy-Estes
  • The Garden of Khal-Adel, by Zane Schneider
  • The Thirteen Dwarves, by J. Blasso-Gieseke
  • A Turn of Fortune, by Jose Carlos Dominguez
  • She Who Came Once to Oldgraves, by Autumn Moore
  • The Beloved and Oft-Recounted Tale of the Marvellous Birth, by JC Luxton
  • The Hollow Tomb, by Harry Menear
  • The Belly of the Fishy Beast, by some loser

Looks like a lot of fun! Patiently awaiting my copy! 🙂

If we hit the stretch goal (this from David): “I will include in the first edition of the ‘zine a complete, keyed hexmap, from the never-released follow-up to Yoon-Suin, called The Devil in the Land of the Rushes.” Sounds juicy!

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