Life Update of March

Spinnin’ the ole yarn

Big news event: I started a new job yesterday. Like, a “real” job. I now work products project coordinator at a solar company here in Arizona. This means longer work hours for me and solid blocks of time that are very, very structured. This also means I’ll be making more money and saving lots for the future ahead. But it is the end of an era. I’m no longer running games on Outschool for young students. I won’t have as much down time to write constantly. And I won’t be checking Discord as much as I used to.

But from my past record of holding jobs and writing blogs at the same time, this means I’ll be writing shorter posts in rapid succession. Very shower thoughts-like. I have yet to fully develop a game while having a full-time job, so we’ll see…

In other news, thanks to all those who purchased Skorne and Adventure Hour! on It means a lot to see all the positive feedback on the blog and a discord and another channels and there are a couple of cool milestones coming up around that. For example, over 100 people have grabbed copies of Skorne in its newest form. Maybe not a lot, but to me, it’s very special. Thanks also to people who bought softcovers of Skorne and Adventure Hour! on Amazon.

Overall, February was a pretty big month on the blog with content from the interview with Chris McDowall and the remastering process and review of Skorne (also from Chris McDowall). “THE” Checklist Campaign got quite a bit of play, even though Chris apparently wrote something similar. And not just similar, like very similar. We should probably vary our RPG blog diets, haha.

Something that the reception of Adventure Hour and Skorne has taught me is that people are looking for specific pitches to fantasy and adventure. So I’m looking to develop more flavorful and specific perimeters for campaign and one shot play. There was a lot of interest around Skorne but it would be nice to have a fantasy with a more family-friendly and kid friendly theme. I’m thinking specifically about a game that contains adventurers that deliver the mail. If you’ve played the mobile game Postknight, then you have an idea of what I’m talking about.

Also in playing Space Bounty Blues, I’ve come to love GMless games and the narrative structures that they attempt to provide. I may try to develop one of these…

Anyways, those are just a few of the developments and I hope to continue to make content and inspire discussion and engage in discussion, albeit in a different, restrained, yet joyful form.

You can still reach me in all of the usual ways (email, Discord, comments on posts and itch products).

Stay snazzy.

One thought on “Life Update of March

  1. Congratulations on your new job!
    I understand that you’re blog posts won’t be so prolific, but I am comforted by the many, many past blog posts you have already published, which I haven’t read yet. Best of luck in your new career.

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