Boss Battles – Tyrants of Skorne

More digital art from my brother, Caleb.

Skorne is becoming more souls-like. Using this from Coins and Scrolls as inspiration, here are four sample bosses (Tyrants, as they’re known in this game). The stats here are very FKR:

Note: the “bloodied” condition triggers once the Tyrant reaches half hits. It is immediate. 

Critical details are bolded and italicized.

Kryxith, Ice Devil

  • Hulking, Heavily armored
  • Masterful (trident)
  • Strong, Brilliant

The shiver the ice devil causes others humors it immensely…


  • ice rink that causes sliding
  • frigid waters beneath
  • huge ice blocks littered on the surface


  • raise and throw ice block
  • skitter skillfully across ice and on ceilings
  • create frozen armor (reduces incoming damage by 2)
  • destroy ice beneath a renegade’s feet
  • bloodied: releases chilly gust, knocks down renegades

Thryl, Shadowhunter Bat

  • Tough
  • Dangerous (claws)
  • Blurred (winged flight), Clever

Thryl’s fellow hunters light up the night sky during their excursions…


  • open area, lots of space to fly
  • stone towers with flat tops to act as platforms
  • rickety rope bridges connecting platforms
  • broken wooden buildings, shacks
  • cave ceiling overhead


  • fire potion to damage, destroy environment
  • glue pot to hinder mobile enemies
  • lasso tough enemies to drop to their death
  • bloodied: shadow teleport to safety, attack from stealth

Dirge, Undead Abomination

  • Hulking, special armor (see Environment)
  • Dangerous (cleaver)
  • Monstrous, Slow, Dimwitted

Better to rule in the graveyard than serve in the city…


  • three spirit obelisks (while standing, each one reduces incoming damage to Dirge by 1)
  • pit of dead, grasping things that trip renegades
  • ghouls rise and frenzy as blood is spilled


  • throw ghoul (weak, untrained)
  • eat ghoul (regain 4 hits)
  • release disease cloud (hold breath or choke)
  • bloodied: release disease cloud

Tesslyn, Duchess of the Undead

  • Tough, protection from all metals
  • Masterful (clawed nails)
  • Powerful, Swift, Brilliant

The storage of lifeforce has never curdled victims more rapidly…


  • ornately decorated hall
  • swinging chandeliers
  • machines for transporting and fusing blood
  • trap: room’s red carpeting becomes a huge pool of blood


  • bite to sap hits (restores hits for Tesslyn)
  • walk on blood
  • bloodied: become mistform to possess the strongest

6 thoughts on “Boss Battles – Tyrants of Skorne

  1. This is awesome! I ran an ad-hoc Skorne session with the randomized bosses once and had difficulty staging the encounters. Might have forgotten to give them stats as well. But with these examples and the advice from the previous post, I’m excited to give it another try!

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