Adventure Hour! – You can now hold it in your hands!!


Adventure Hour! has been featured through its many iterations on the blog, its development over many months documented and commented upon.

But now, it is here! To be held! And swaddled and brought to life at the table!

It’s the concentration of many ideas written about here. The tools to solve many system and adventure preparation problems are found within!

Be ready to receive:

  • Short, potent, and efficient rules for “Playing the Game.”
  • A full adventure to get you started and ease you into “Preparing the Game.”
  • A concise and thoughtful section for “Running the Game.”
  • 30+ tables to create adventures of your own to continue “Building the World.”

…all in a 36-page booklet to bring to the table, for a gathering online, or on the road.

Get a printed copy here!

Or print it yourself at home (via PDF) here.

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