The Hangover Bastionland

“Whatever happens in Bastion…”

You wake with a pounding headache. You have little money. It must’ve been a crazy night. If only you could remember…

You are now 10k pounds in debt somehow. You and your buddies have some financial ground to make up.

Oh, but that’s not all. You stuck your fingers in a few pies of other factions. There’s a lot of backlash to deal with there too.

But how did this all happen? And how can you make it right? Will things ever go back to what you think you remember as normal?


In addition to the regular Electric Bastionland setup rules, add the following:

Roll d100 three times and look up the debtors to those failed careers. These are the factions you’ve interacted with during the time you can’t remember. You made one confused, one excited, and one livid. The GM will decide which is which.

Where do you wake? (d6)

  1. Someone else’s hotel room.
  2. In a pool in a public space.
  3. On a roof that is very high up.
  4. In a vault surrounded by destroyed security measures.
  5. In a vehicle driven by a friendly stranger.
  6. On a train. Sorry, on TOP of a train.

What do you now have that you have no memory of getting? (d6, re-roll duplicates)

  1. A psionic puppy
  2. A valuable prototype machine
  3. The love of someone out of your league
  4. A sea witch’s ill-tempered wand
  5. Enchanted sleeping powder
  6. A ring of oddly-shaped keys

GM only: What ACTUALLY happened? It doesn’t need to be the same reason for each PC. Roll multiple times if you choose. (d12)

  1. Drugs. Real simple.
  2. A mind-altering wand scrambled your memories.
  3. A major concussion (in a fight? from a fall? while dancing?)
  4. The timeline tried to reorganize itself and your memories were problematic.
  5. You saw something you shouldn’t have and they made sure you forgot it.
  6. You were transformed and lost the memories when the spell/curse/pill wore off.
  7. Possession!
  8. One PC wiped the memories of the rest of the group before also their memory was erased.
  9. Fugue state. Like what Walter White faked.
  10. You’ve actually awoken in a parallel Bastion. You did those things, but it wasn’t YOU you, you see?
  11. A mutant ear-worm ate your memories.
  12. A clone of you framed you and did away with your memories.

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