Skorne is free… eliminate him!

Skorne is now a PWYW (aka free) game

It’s been about a year since release, so I’m fine to just hand this one out like delicious grim-dark candy.


  • First game I’ve been paid for. Surreal. Odd-feeling.
  • It’s only four pages, but I agonized over every detail. For probably too long.
  • After release, I focused a lot more on running games for kids. As a result, I gave ZERO support to this game. Sorry.
  • Got some nice comments about it, but on the whole, the project was a fart in the wind.
  • Going forward, I want to focus on whatever project is on the table and give it proper support. Right now, Adventure Hour!

Dreaming up supplemental material, system-neutral adventures, other resources…

One thought on “Skorne is free… eliminate him!

  1. Thank you for releasing the game for free! I only found out about it now from the City Game and Wilderness Game posts, and I’m excited to read a ruleset for them. I love the idea of strict time limits to gameplay.

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