Adventure Hour! – Release

Well folks. It’s here.

Adventure Hour! is upon us!

Many, many, many hours of development. Pulling on now hundreds of hours of running games for younger folks. Editing to the most potent minimum possible. Increasing usability wherever possible.

Maze Rats gave me a sense of what makes toolkits and printable booklets so excellent. Electric Bastionland outlined principles for a system and the Game Master that were revolutionary to me. In this season of output and opportunity in my life, I felt it was time to combine the best of the best.

In booklet form

Be ready to receive:

  • Short, potent, and efficient rules for “Playing the Game.”
  • A full adventure to get you started and ease you into “Preparing the Game.”
  • A concise and thoughtful section for “Running the Game.”
  • 30+ tables to create adventures of your own to continue “Building the World.”

…all in a 36-page PDF and printable booklet to bring to the table, for a gathering online, or on the road. Adventure Hour! was designed and playtested for such places and flexible uses in mind.

A compilation

When I sent the first draft to editor Yochai Gal, he said: “This is…. you combined everything you’ve ever done.”

And he’s right.

It’s humbling and terrifying to have everything you’ve written for the last two years or so condensed into a booklet. Makes me realize I could’ve said a lot of the same stuff in fewer words. So here we go, all of the articles that have been included in here:

RIA: Knowledge and Perception, Advantage and Impact (this is actually the CORE of the game), Playing with Youngers: Rules and Dice, Animal Kingdom, Advancement, 50/50 Resolution, Death, Starting Packages, Violence, Dealing with Deathlessness, Stopping the Inevitable, Lists, Anachronism Stew, Stopwatch: Taking a Risk, Harm and Healing, Character Primer, Optimum rooms for a dungeon, Expensive Buys, Inventory, Winning and Retirement, Character Sheets, Kids of different ages, Development, Actions not Choices, Dungeon Checklist, Moving Right Along, Ranged Attacks, Belly of the Fishy Beast.

That’s 28 posts. In 36 pages. Plus art.

Concision is a gift, my friend. My gift to you. 🙂

Special thanks to…

Stay young at heart, let your imagination soar, and happy gaming!


Here is the official Adventure Hour! Online Adventurer Sheet!

…This is what I use for my online classes. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Adventure Hour! – Release

  1. I love it. Well-written, good tables, good advice. I’ve played it twice with my kids.

    Too soon for house rules? I added the following on the second game:

    “After the GM declares the risk and impact of an upcoming roll, the player may propose a bargain:

    Increase their odds of success (3-6), but reduce the effect of success or increase the consequence of failure.


    Decrease their odds of success (5-6), but increase the effect of success or decrease the consequence of failure.”

    The wording is a bit awkward, but it gave us some good moments!

    1. Tyler, thanks for the review and feedback! So excited to hear folks already putting it to good work. 🙂

      Bargain made me think Devil’s Bargain, which is great. You mentioned the wording, but personally this sounds like great meta-GM training for your kids. You’re making them think about things like effects and consequences during play, which is all we do on the other side of the screen. Neat stuff!

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