Cowboy Bebop: Space Bounty Blues

With Netflix's live action cover of Cowboy Bebop coming out just around the corner (FRIDAY!), I've been doing so much to get into the mood. Because Bebop is 100% style. I've been watching the anime, listening to the music (while I write this), and reading this delicious RPG recently shown to me: Space Bounty … Continue reading Cowboy Bebop: Space Bounty Blues

Focus on the World: The players are tourists

In this article, the Angry GM answers questions from folks. This question stuck out to me and it's something I've been thinking about for my own games: I like published settings with rich, detailed histories. Like Eberron. But my players won’t read the sourcebooks. Consequently, they don’t really understand the setting. How do I handle my … Continue reading Focus on the World: The players are tourists

Adventure Hour! – Release

Well folks. It's here. Adventure Hour! is upon us! Many, many, many hours of development. Pulling on now hundreds of hours of running games for younger folks. Editing to the most potent minimum possible. Increasing usability wherever possible. Maze Rats gave me a sense of what makes toolkits and printable booklets so excellent. Electric Bastionland … Continue reading Adventure Hour! – Release