Clever Hobbitses: The Plant Mech

In the Labyrinth, the players came across the Hedge Beasts (pg. 104).

Six large hedge animals charged them: a serpent, bull, spider, lion, gorilla, giraffe.

Players take ’em out with a strategy involving heavy weapons.

Pretty straightforward fight.

Then there’s just this mass of plant-stuff in front of them.

“How were the hedge beasts made into beasts from hedges?”

“They were cut from the hedge. The hedges themselves are magical.”

“Could we… cut the hedges into a new shape?”

“Hadn’t considered that… What do want to cut it into?”

“Optimus Prime?”


“Is that too much?”

“No… too little.”


“Let’s make it big enough for all four of you. There’s enough plant material. There were six very large animals.”

“Like a mech?”

“It’s still only vine and leaves, so no bullets or lasers or something crazy like that.”

“Vine wheels?”

“Go for it.”

“Thorn flail?”



“Naw, don’t think so.”

“Can we split apart into small mechs?”

“Like Voltron?”


“Nevermind. Sounds awesome.”

Clever Hobbitses!

And that’s the story of the plant mech…

…who needs a better name.

I’m open to ideas. 😉

2 thoughts on “Clever Hobbitses: The Plant Mech

  1. From Reddit:

    Topiary Golem

    The Green Knight

    The Green Protector

    The Hedgerow

    Verdant Armor

    The Overgrowth

    The Hedgemage’s Suit


    Thicket’s Embrace


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