Goofy voices (d66)

Students. Just regular students and not from anything you know, no siree.

This table didn’t make it into Adventure Hour! but it has a special place in my heart.


Bad impressions are better than good ones at the table. Except it makes being consistent from one session to the next difficult… Ah well.

If your impression is so bad that it’s offensive…
…get better at it. 😛

Or better yet, lighten up.

Grab an NPC and roll d66 (roll 2d6, the first die is the tens place, second is the ones place.)

11. Arnold Schwarzenegger
12. Australian
13. Baby
14. Bird-like
15. British
16. Canadian
21. Cartoon character (the second one you think of)
22. Cat-like
23. Caveman
24. Celebrity (the second one you think of)
25. Chinese
26. Dog-like
31. French
32. Frog-like
33. German
34. Helium
35. High society
36. Indian
41. Irish
42. Italian
43. Mouse-like
44. Movie character (the second one you think of)
45. News anchor
46. Old person
51. Pirate
52. President (the second one you think of)
53. Robotic
54. Santa or his wife
55. Southern drawl
56. Surfer dude
61. Thug
62. Transatlantic
63. Transylvanian
64. Turtle-like
65. Valley girl
66. Whale-like

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