“Play worlds, not rules” explained by Questing Beast

This is FKR! Does Ben making a video about it mean that it’s bleeding into the mainstream or that it has already become mainstream? Either way, it’s an excellent summary. Great opening, great explanations, great portrayal of common interjections.

Focus on the world, folks.

2 thoughts on ““Play worlds, not rules” explained by Questing Beast

  1. The video itself is great indeed.

    The title, however, isn’t a good choice. It lead to a lot of comments arguing about the supposed complete absence of rules, which I don’t think is what FKR is mostly concerned about, is it? And why is D&D even mentioned here? It feels like just a clickbait to me.

    Ben already wrote a couple of great posts about FKR on the OSR subreddit. I have no idea how “mainstream” it makes it, but he has quite some visibility in the OSR community.

    1. Agreed. It’s why I made the article title what I did. Putting “FKR” on something always require explanation, so I’d rather say something about the world and let Ben explain the movement.

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