Resource: Dungeon Checklist

Sent by Yochai Gal of New School Revolution/Cairn fame. (Go grab Cairn from Lulu or Amazon!)

By Skullfungus.

Here’s a Drive link to the image.

Happy gaming!

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5 thoughts on “Resource: Dungeon Checklist

  1. “Something they probably won’t find” boggled my mind the first time, and boggles me every time after that. Which is how I know it’s good advice! It’s not something I would ever do naturally, and it absolutely is such an improvement, so why do I struggle so much with it??

  2. It’s funny, I really like these guidelines. Although they seem constraining at first, once you nail down dungeon theme and party goals, the rest tend to fall into place.

    I’m a big fan of using the original dungeon stocking chances as room types: 6 rooms, 2 have monsters, 2 are empty, 1 trap/trick/special, and 1 boss/mission objective. I can add secret rooms, loops as I desire. Makes it easy to design a small dungeon but it scales up.
    Love this image though. Yochai is a champ.

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