Goofy game introduction

Found this on the cover of the instructions for a game from called “WORST CASE SCENARIO: Game of Surviving Life.” I just think it’s funny. Imagine this in front of Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, or Call of Cthulhu game…

When a life is imperiled to a dire situation is at hand, safe alternatives may not exist. To deal with the worst-case scenarios presented in this game, we highly recommend—insist, actually—that the best course of action is to consult a professionally trained expert. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO UNDERTAKE ANY OF THE ACTIVITIES DESCRIBED IN THIS GAME YOURSELF. But because highly trained professionals may not always be available when the safety of individuals is at risk, we have asked experts and conducted research on various subjects to describe the techniques that professionals and other experts might use. THE PUBLISHER, AUTHORS AND EXPERTS DISCLAIM ANY LIABILITY from any injury that may result from the use, proper or improper, of the information contained in this game. All the information in this game comes from experts and reference sources at hand, but we do not guarantee that the information contained herein is complete, safe, or accurate, not should it be considered a substitute for your good judgement or common sense. And finally, nothing in this game should be construed or interpreted to infringe on the rights of other persons or to violate criminal statutes. We urge you to obey all laws and respect all rights, including property rights, of others.

Happy gaming, folks. 🙂

And avoid undertaking any of the activities described in your games, haha.

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