Settlers of Catan: Peaceful (Speedy) Mode

This is a great one for a lazy Sunday afternoon. But first, is it “CAH-TAN” or “CAH-TAWN?”

Play vanilla, no-expansions Settlers of Catan. But,

  • Re-roll all 7s.
  • Do not use the robber.
  • Do not discard down if over 7 cards when a 7 is rolled (and then re-rolled).
  • Knights/Soldiers –> “Gain 1 resource card of your choice.” Largest Army and other rules about development cards still apply.

Additional house rules:

  • Re-roll any number that no player produces on.
  • Make any 2 or 12 hexes both 2 AND 12 hexes (it’s helpful to just add those additional number tokens to the hexes if you have them available). They now have equal chances to be rolled as the 3s and 11s.
  • Turn the desert hex into a GOLD hex. When rolled, receive 1 resource card of your choice per settlement and 2 resource cards of your choice per city. Put a 2, 12, or both a 2 and 12 on this hex.

Faster game, especially for those of us who prefer more games instead of longer games. There’s a chart for how long/complex a game is and how much interest I have as a player in the outcome. Someday I’ll make it.

The game becomes more about trading and production management than stealing and discarding cards.

A set of house rules that took 15 years to come to life. Nice.

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