The War in Crow’s Foot

The undead are alive.

(Current players, look away, thx).

This is an open strategy game, cousin to the role-playing game.

The War in Crow’s Foot – A Blades in the Dark Open Strategy Game, is now on!

These PDFs have the rules of the game and what the players need to know as well as the briefings they’re given.

Note: This games more-or-less requires the use of John Harper’s Blades in the Dark RPG.

The Problem: Roric, the ward boss of The Crows who ran the criminal operations in Crow’s Foot has been killed. The peace he brokered between The Red Sashes and The Lampblack has fallen apart.

There are nine roles in this scenario, including:

The Crows: An old gang with new leadership. Known for running illegal games of chance and extortion rackets.

The Red Sashes: Originally an Iruvian school of swordsmanship, expanded into criminal endeavors.

The Lampblacks: The former lamp-lighter guild, turned to crime when their services were replaced by electric lights.

Bluecoats: The City Watch of Duskwall, tasked with upholding the law. Known as the meanest gang in the city. Corrupt, violent, and cruel.

Lord Scurlock: An ancient noble, said to be immortal, like the Emperor. Possibly a vampire. Obsessed with arcane secrets.

The Dimmer Sisters: House-bound recluses with an occult reputation.

The Brigade: The fire-fighters of the city. Beloved for their life-saving heroism, or reviled for their looting and extortion rackets. Also known as “Sallies” (from “salamanders,” their ancient name).

Spirit Wardens: The bronze-masked hunters who destroy rogue spirits. Also run the Bellweather Crematorium and research artifacts scavenged in the deathlands. Membership is secret.

The Citizenry: Factions who believe their actions to go unnoticed by the common folk of the district are sorely mistaken. This is the “catch-all” faction for those who wish to participate in a more casual way.

Happy gaming!

Landover – An Open Strategy Game based on Terry Brooks’ novel series is also available.

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