Support for the blog: Patreon

“Yessssss masssster…”

There’s a Patreon for the blog now.

My dream is to continue creating.

Just like this.

I want to make things people find AWESOME and makes them EXCITED to bring to their table.

In the 30 months of this blog before the creation of this Patreon (Feb 2019 – Aug 2021), the blog has averaged 6.9 posts per month (Yes, actually. 207 divided by 30). Now I, Sam Doebler, come hat in hand in asking for your financial support. By supporting this endeavor, content will continue to be written and produced apace.

Things like this keep me going:

That’s Belly of the Fishy Beast there! Neato!

And this…

This was in reference to the Playing with Youngers series. People have mentioned how the series either A ) got them to play with their kids or B ) convinced them of simpler truths involving RPGs. I want this bad. 🙂

This is on the Patreon bio, but compiling this made me grin from ear to ear:

Praise for the blog

It’s a fantastic blog if you’re not already following this blog… There’s a lot of really cool stuff.”
-Chris McDowall, creator of Electric Bastionland, Into the Odd, and the Bastionland blog.

[An] illuminating series of posts…
-Patrick Stuart, creator of Veins in the Earth, Silent Titans, and the False Machine blog, in reference to the Playing With Youngers collection.

“This is genius and it makes me want to publish it. Well done. I can’t wait to try it.”
Sean McCoy, creator of Mothership, Tuesday Knight Games and the Failure Tolerated blog.

As of Aug 2021, the contents of Dreaming Dragonslayer have been featured in Ben Milton‘s The Glatisant Newsletter NINE times! Check out issue #3#5#6#8#10#13#14#15, and #18!

As heard on the (sadly departed) THOUGHT EATER podcast three times! Check them out.


I appreciate people reading and saying how much they look forward to using these ideas and such.

It means a lot.

Makes me smile.

Check out the Patreon to consider continuing this legacy.

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