Middle-Earth Adventures: Alt. Character Generation

Despite having…

  1. Middle-Earth Role-Playing
  2. Tolkien Quest
  3. Middle-Earth Quest
  4. The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game
  5. The One Ring Roleplaying Game
  6. Adventures in Middle-Earth

…I still prefer the less weight-y games. That said, all of the above games contain interesting and inspirational content within.

Anyway, this alternate character creation system for Middle-Earth Adventures smashes The One Ring (first edition) and Adventures in Middle-Earth, both from Cubicle 7, together and then removes the numbers.

This would likely be how my Middle-Earth hack of Dragonslayer Adventures would go in a very Rhovanion-centered game, taking place in the seventy years between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.


Roll d6 for your culture and d6 for your background within that culture…


  1. By Hammer and Anvil – Your parents paid richly for a Dwarf-smith to take you as their apprentice.
  2. Wordweaver – You spent days reading the histories of the most clever adventurers.
  3. Gifted Senses – You grew up in Lake-town, child of a struggling merchant who traded goods with the Raft-elves from the woods.
  4. Healing Hands – A foreign woman saved you from a terrible sickness and imparted her craft to you.
  5. Dragon-eyed – Your grandfather told you stories of dragon-fire, instilling both fear and passion.
  6. A Patient Hunter – You lived apart from the Lake-men among the nests and lairs of animals.


  1. Child of Two Folks – One parent of the mountains, one of the woods, leaving you a stranger to both worlds.
  2. Errand-rider – In running messages from Beorn to outsider villages, you have become on good terms with the chieftains and their families.
  3. Head of the Family – With your father gone, you provide well enough for the family.
  4. Light-foot – Your mother was a look-out for the clan and gave you the same abilities.
  5. Keeper of Tales – You remember the stories of a famous warrior in your lineage.
  6. Voice from the Past – You have heard the tales of many elders, who look well upon you.


  1. A Life of Toil – You labored hard in the mines of the Iron Hills, hoping for precious ores.
  2. Far Trader – You sell tools of Dwarven handiwork all around Erebor.
  3. Bitter Exile – Your ancestors were driven out of their underground halls in the far north.
  4. Eloquent Orator – Your tales are testimony that your people have suffered much and see the beauty of their new life.
  5. A Lesson in Revenge – Your grandfather never relented in his hunt for the Orc-chief from Mount Gundabad who killed his wife.
  6. A Penetrating Gaze – Your elder brother instructed you to judge others by their deeds, not their words, especially when dealing with the Elves.


  1. New Hope – You have lived among the Raft-elves, often dealing with the Men of Lake-town on behalf of King Thranduil.
  2. A Musical Legacy – Your parents were great minstrels, whose work will be praised for years to come.
  3. Memory of Suffering – You have often journeyed where the Necromancer once built his fortress of sorcery, to spy on the Shadow now gone.
  4. Noble Blood – There are many great Elven adventures of Silvan descent in your lineage, leading to lofty expectations for your future.
  5. Wild at Heart – You have witnessed the fading beauty of Greenwood the Great, now Mirkwood.
  6. Envoy of the King – You have journeyed far from the borders of the Woodland Realm with your father, on his errands to the courts of Men and Dwarves.


  1. Restless Farmer – You were born into a family of farmers in the Southfarthing where the pipe-weed grows.
  2. Too Many Paths to Tread – Set to inherit your father’s trade, you instead struck out on the open road.
  3. A Good Listener – Your uncle was a sheriff and took you along to secure the Shire’s borders.
  4. Witty Gentleman – You come from a well-to-do family of landed gentry Westfarthing with outdated inheritance rulings that left you with very little.
  5. Bucklander – Brought up on the ‘wrong side of the Brandywine River’ you have always displayed an unusual character.
  6. Tookish Blood – Your respectability was overcome by the sudden desire to adventure.


  1. The Hound – You have always spent time around the dogs bred by Woodland Hall.
  2. Wizard’s Pupil – Having caught the attention of the Brown Wizard, you have been taught many things.
  3. Fairy Heritage – They say your mother was as fair as an Elf-maiden, and that your father spirited her away from the Wood of Sorcery far to the south.
  4. Apprentice to the Mountain-folk – You and others your age were sent by the alderman of your clan to join the workers in the mines above Mountain Hall.
  5. Seeker – No warnings could stop you and your brothers from running along every path in the forest.
  6. Sword-day Counsellor – Your injured grandfather taught you everything he knows about handling an axe in combat.

Roll d6 for your class…

  1. Scholar – A learned expert and master of the healing arts.
  2. Slayer – A savage and doughty warrior, usually more forceful and less refined.
  3. Treasure Hunter – A sneaky and clever burglar.
  4. Wanderer – An experienced traveller most at home on the road or in the wilderness.
  5. Warden – A brave spirit that equips others to rise up against the Enemy.
  6. Warrior – A stalwart and disciplined fighter, usually more cultured and less travelled.

Roll d6 for your shadow weakness…

  1. Lure of Secrets – Individuals who seek to learn all secrets, even those that should remain secrets, and look down on those who don’t hold the same ambitions.
  2. Curse of Vengeance – Individuals who live by the sword are tempted to use it when their will is thwarted or their honor impugned.
  3. Dragon-sickness – Individuals who seek lost riches so intently that the Shadow grips their hearts around their possessions.
  4. Wandering-madness – Individuals who continue to look for something without ever finding something to live for.
  5. Lure of Power – Individuals who covet authority in their rank, lineage, or stature and becomes misguided at best.
  6. Choose or re-roll.

Pick six items of your choice connected to…

  1. Your culture
  2. Your background
  3. Your background
  4. Your class
  5. Your class
  6. Your shadow weakness

(Yes, this is lazy design, but it’s late and I’m tired. Browse your Player’s Guides and other Lord of the Rings-related manuals for inspiration.)

Pick your name…

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