Clever Hobbitses: Hide n’ Seek

Potion of Sandform turns one into a Sandman-esque character

Playing Neverland.

Lost Boys don’t trust the party.

They’re too old to be Lost Boys… But they don’t seem like pirates…


“We’ll play a couple of games to see if you’re trustworthy.

If you win, we’ll help you.

If you lose, you’re pirates.”

You know, kid logic.

Three games to win.

Lost Boys pick the first game.

“Clam Game.” Whoever grabs a pearl from the clam before it closes wins.

Both teams do it successfully. Tie game.

“Alright, now you choose a game.”

Players talk with each other.

Chess? Eh…

Something like Princess Bride where we put sleeping powder in both cups? Closer…

Hide n’ Seek?

The players set the boundaries on the map. Coasts only. One seeker, two hiders on each team. First seeker to find all of the other hiders wins.

One hider player drinks a Potion of Sandform and just lies face-first in the sand.

Good plan, but not bullet-proof. Not quite “Princess Bride-y.”

Second hider player uses a Scroll of Diminution.

And hides under the hat of the seeker player.

The Lost Boys simply gave up after hours of searching.


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