Dark Fantasy FKR

Dis twee wants to eat yawr souwl.

More FKR things. This is the Dark Fantasy alternative to Dragonslayer Adventures, both easily transferable to online play. This is for when you’re feeling MORKY BORGY (I threw up just typing that, so sorry). And yes, I watched a little Castlevania recently. 🙂

To generate characters, either

We’re really just looking for items and maybe some flavor things like background and appearance. No need for ability scores, levels, or class abilities.

Insert bog-standard “this is an RPG of the old school flavor/variety.”

Playing the Game

The Dungeon Master starts by describing the surroundings and the situation the PCs find themselves in. They finish by asking “What do you do?” Other players are then given a chance to ask questions and say what their character does. Whenever possible, a PC’s actions should be resolved by its player simply describing what the character does. However, if the action is risky or difficult, the DM may call for a roll.

One player rolls 1d20 (one twenty-sided die). If the roll is a 12 or higher, the PC succeeds. If not, something bad happens. Whatever the result, the DM describes the impact and then describes the new situation, once more inviting the players to say what they do.

If the PC is at an advantage, such as from use of a proper item or a good position or approach, the DM may grant the following:

  • Increased effect: If they succeed, they enjoy an additional benefit.
  • Decreased danger: If they don’t succeed, it’s not as bad as it could have been.
  • Decreased difficulty: The roll needs to be an 8 or higher.

If the PC is at a disadvantage, such as from the use of an improper item or a bad position or approach, the DM may grant the following:

  • Decreased effect: If they succeed, it’s not everything they hoped.
  • Increased danger: If they fail, it’s worse than they feared.
  • Increased difficulty: The roll needs to be a 16 or higher.

Harm and Healing. If a PC succeeds a roll for a melee attack, they deal harm to their opponent. If something bad happens, the PC takes harm. If a PC succeeds a roll for a ranged attack, their opponent takes harm. If something bad happens, the PC loses ammo. Armor prevents harm, but is then damaged and must be repaired or replaced before being used again. A PC may rest and/or consume food or drink to help heal. 

I would use this chart to assign harm to the body of a PC. Never hurts to get more inspiration about how to damage our heroes, John McClane-style.

And that’s it.

Stake some vamps, fill the man-wolves with silver, and build a world of fear and fervor.

EDIT: I really like that last line. It’s chewy.

Gothic horror is a world built with fervor and ruined by fear.

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