Clever Hobbitses: Regrowth

“Clever Hobbitses” is what one might say when the players at their table address a problem in an unforeseen way. These are NOT session reports. These are short anecdotes from my games about problem design and interesting solutions.

One player defended another from a filthy diseased hand and was nicked on the forearm in the process. Mummy rot begins spreading up to the rest of the body.

They will die unless they are able to intervene.

Said player has a transforming ring, which allows them to take the form of any naturally occuring animal (Natural to our world, that is. I see you, oh technical one.).

Yes, it’s a powerful item.

“I turn into a starfish.”


“Pull my arm.”

“You what?”

“Pull my arm off. Starfish regrow their limbs.”

*Furious Google Search*

“Huh. Beats dying to disease. Alright. Takes some time to regen, but, um. Yeah. That works.”

Clever Hobbitses!

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