Dolmenwood Open Table – Charhollow

This is the village of Charhollow handout.

I make “art” now. Ahem.

This is the central village of the Dolmenwood Open Table game (continuing from last time).

Let’s tell the story of Charhollow’s attendants just like I do at the table: through pictures and handouts.

Because shopping should be a fun process of discovery, not a bloated slog of “do they have any ______?”

“Wait you bought what? Shoot, I should’ve seen that…”

Great moment.

The shopkeepers have what they have.

Nothing more.

When you buy something, cross it off the list.

More item options will come if you bring prosperity to the town (AKA when I feel like it ;))

Encounter more shopkeepers in the woods.

Beg them to come sell their wares at your village.

Examples below.

Hogwash wheel, Hogwash deal.

Note the “gift” option. One sharp-eyed player caught it and was rewarded. 🙂

He and She of MORK BORG fame! But are instead made of stone. And the random potions, scrolls, etc are the only “infinite buy” items of the game.

“Man of 1,000 Talents”

Best part about the skills: they’re permanent to that character. And unique as they are removed from the list of available skills for purchase. “How is that possible?” Basil suffers from memory loss as a result of Dragon-Sickness. Curses suck, bruh.

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