Maze Rats has a fun way for making monsters. You start by rolling a monster base; aerial, terrestrial, aquatic, etc. You can roll a second base if you choose to start combining the results. Then roll things like features, traits, abilities, tactics, personalities, weaknesses to taste. All awesome things.

“But I’m lazy. I want a lot of that in the single click of a button!” you might cry in unison with me. “And with visuals!” you might yell as you hurry out the door.

Now, what you may have already deduced from the title is that to accomplish those demands, we’re going to leverage the 700+ unique monsters made (that’s more than any monster manual *I* know of) in paired combinations. That’s about 500,000 possibilities. With one click.

The web application is Pokemon Fusion Generator. Find it here.

Just click.

Suddenly, bizarre animals and amalgamations of household objects comes a-cluttering to your screen. Where does it come from? What does it eat? What’s with the colors? How would you describe it at the table?

THEN you can fill in details with the Maze Rats monster tables as you choose.

What if you don’t know Pokemon or the name of each one or what each one does?

All the better, honestly. You have no preconceptions of how a given Pokemon works. You simply have to go off of what it looks like and its type (fire, flying, ground, etc).

Let the generator fill your imagination!

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