Cairn Spark Tables for Forest Adventures

Playing (LOTS of)Dark Souls and backing Into the Wyrd and Wild (19 days to go) makes me want to run a dark, wyrd, forested game. Having three issues of Wormskin also nurtures this…

I’ve meditated on something like this before…

What system?

Why, Cairn, of course.

Go grab this excellent (free!) game if you have not already done so!

Will I use Cairn’s system of character generation? Or my own? Or Into the Odd’s to give it that Darkest Dungeon-industrial flavour? Undecided.

BUT, I took Cairn’s spark tables and put them on 3×5. Make ’em into little index card buddies to print out and put in your gaming journal.

Here they are.

Anyway. Toodles.

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