How are you tied to Mr. Maloney of Maloney Enterprises?

Connected to the open table game for Electric Bastionland I wrote up a while ago.

Basically, pool of players shares £100k of debt, split between four factions, valued at 40k, 30k, 20k, and 10k.

I made a table for how people are connected to the Maloney in question, the one who gives the party the tremendous debt, which I remembered after reading about making a community-focused RPG. Making connections is important, both at the table and in the world.

But how, HOW you may ask, did each individual player even get roped into this debt-ridden mess?

Well, each person has their own story, and their own connection to Mr. Maloney. However, no matter what their story, they receive this letter at the start of the game:

Dear family, friends, and “others”:

I am sorry to leave you with such a burdensome asset. It is my time to go, though I am sorry to depart on such short notice. I thought it only fair to share the load of my debt with as many people as I could remember, even going so far as searching my address book and company records for the names of those I cherish fondly. You have my sincerest thanks from beyond the grave.

Ta ta,

Mr. Marvin Maloney, Pvt. Ex.

Each player then rolls a d20 and consults the chart below. You were this to Mr. Maloney:

  1. Offspring
  2. Rival
  3. Stepchild
  4. Sibling
  5. In-Law
  6. Adopted child
  7. Fellow member
  8. Fellow soldier
  9. Pen pal
  10. Classmate
  11. Business partner
  12. Neighbor
  13. Friend
  14. Supplier
  15. Tenant
  16. Mentee
  17. Factory employee
  18. Development employee
  19. Advisor
  20. Client

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