The Hemingway Question

For sale: RPG book, never played.

How many physical books in your collection does this describe?

What percentage is that?

How many PDFs, dare I ask?

What percentage is THAT?

Kill your unused (and especially unread) darlings.

Or better yet, play them. 😛

3 thoughts on “The Hemingway Question

  1. Physical books? Dozens.25% maybe.
    PDFs? Hundreds, easily. Probably close to 60%.

    Things just look cool or useful, you get them but are busy and put them away or (god forbid upload to Google Drive) and you find it three years later on DriveThru, “Oh cool, I want to purchase that!” and realize you already own it. :-/

  2. Star Wars d6, Warhammer Fantasy, Mothership, Mouse Guard, Mausritter, Into the Odd (which may surprise some, because of how many iterations/descendents of that game I play) are all unplayed. That’s probably 30% of my physical game collection. I’ve cut down a LOT these past few months…

    I’d say probably 85% of my saved PDFs on my Drive are unplayed.

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