Dragonslayer Adventures – Starting Packages

While still keeping the tone light, I’m moving my online games with youngers more towards “traditional DND.”

So, keeping my copies of The Young Adventurer’s Guide, Maze Rats, Electric Bastionland, Mausritter, Dolmenwood, and Warhammer Fantasy near at hand, I made starting packages that align closer with the Dungeons and Dragons as some of us know it (or recall with fuzzy memories, in both the erroneous and nostalgic senses).

Roll 2d6 and grab your starting package! First die is the class, second is the career.

Each item within the package is also numbered because I can copy/paste the results directly onto character sheets. Keep the numbered list going to track inventory. Viola, as the cool kids say.


“Barbarian with energy potion” was a moment of inspiration for me. Barbarian rage is diegetic now.
Trickster is aces, IMO.
City Halfing is my favorite here, though I’m happy with how the elemental mages turned out.

Oh, and I have the living document ready for public viewing now. It’s up to 3 pages, which means I’m probably done. 😛

Here is the living document of Dragonslayer Adventures

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