Last Day on Earth

I love the idea of running one-shots with a definite end. There’s no “oh, we should continue this game until it totally peeters out and slowly chokes to death.”

It’s gotta be quick and clean. Clear beginning, middle, and end.

So, what would you do if you knew there was only one day left of existence?

Say you have undeniable proof.

And the world will end.

What would you do?

Now, what if you were a dinosaur? Or a parent? Or a goblin? Or a zombie? Or a rich kid in Los Angeles? Or a space pirate? Or a superhero?

What does what they do with their last day say about them?

Have you read the writings of Shan-Yu? The fictional leader referenced in the show Firefly wrote that if you put a man to near-intolerable pain you will finally meet the true man, no more façade.

I think having less time to live does the same thing.

It says something about them.

A famous theologian answered this question this way: if the world were to end tomorrow, he’d plant a tree.

What would you do?

Take a joyride? Break the law? Tell someone you love them? Say goodbye? Apologize?

Finally take revenge? Party it up? Take out a huge loan? Set off an explosion? Something else crazy?

As a GM, you could give them something you would NEVER give them in a long-form campaign.

And why not?

You only have so long to live.

C’est la vie.

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