Into the Odd is more than Left 4 Dead

This post I read talked about Into the Odd’s system of Critical Damage being very similar to that of Left 4 Dead.

It’s a good post.

And it totally makes sense.

But that got me thinking.

Of a better game.

That looks like this.

When you take Critical Damage.

Taking Critical Damage.

It’s near and dear.

To my heart.

In the Star Wars universe.

Republic Commando (2005)

And now.

I want an ItO hack of it.

Or a “Any Planet Is Earth” hack of it.

Just to have.


I beg.

Help me, 38.

You’re my only hope.

[Also, Jim of d66 Classless Kobolds shared this Separatist March and it slaps.]

EDIT: Found this

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